John Finney - Founder

A satellite and Telecoms industry veteran with over $2 billion in new revenue creation directly attributed to his leadership having pioneered significant success for start-ups Huawei (founded Huawei in Europe) and O3b (founding employee and Chief Commercial Officer) along with other major leadership roles such as global business unit leader for Alcatel-Lucent.

John has been identified as a Top 40 Executive by Global Telecoms Business three years in succession. 

Professor Yang Hao - Board of Directors

Considered one of the worlds leading figures in the scientific field of transformational optics and leads the research at the Antennas and Electromagnetic group for Queen Mary University of London, home to one of the largest academic radio research facilities in Europe with over 50 full time staff.

Professor Hao is also a serving board member of Cambridge Graphene Centre.

Dan DiFonzo - Chief Technology Officer

Leads the Isotropic Project overall during the technical design phase.

Dan has led his own boutique consultancy in Washington as the industry leader in Antenna design consultancy having been contracted to give strategic advice to innovative global companies such as Phasor Solutions, O3b Networks and RaySat where he also served as the Chief Technology Officer.