High Throughput Satellite Operators

The latest generation of Geosynchronous satellites that specialise in high throughput services to mobility customers offer much higher satellite performance and therefore a lower cost per-bit to customers. Wide and spot beams in C, Ku and Ka band frequencies are becoming available globally for both broadcast and high throughput. If you are a HTS operator or reseller your primary consideration will be to fully optimise the antenna performance from a single tracking antenna in order to strengthen your commercial service offering.

Our antenna design will offer you unrivalled spectral efficiency also opening up a wider base of target customers.

Constellation Operator

LEO applies to objects in motion approximately 1,000 miles above the Earth. Moving objects in a MEO system, often called “fiber-in-the-sky,” orbit between GEO and LEO at approximately 8,000 miles above the Earth.  MEO and LEO satellites travel overhead at all times, instead of tracking with a fixed point on Earth as GEO Constellation Operators satellites do. This type of orbit offers a significant performance advantage with low latency but requires efficient antenna tracking in all deployment scenarios.

Our antenna designs can be customised to meet the specific business case needs of constellation providers, where a single antenna tracking capability is essential to distribute large amounts of capacity to a global base of potential customers.

Maritime Service Provider

Whether you are serving cruise ships, ferries, freighters, fishing vessels or private yachts, the passengers and crew desire the same network performance powering their devices as they have on shore. You are also likely to be frustrated that the technology required to serve these customers makes it challenging for you to offer your range of mobility services to smaller and smaller vessels. 

Our Antenna designs will enable you the throughput required to meet the expectations of your maritime customers but priced at a fraction of alternative solutions. 

Enterprise Service Providers

Whether your Enterprise client is operating from a drilling rig, support vessel, marine platform, drilling rig, FPSO or remote shore based facility your clients are continuously looking to become more operationally efficient by the use of high bandwidth or low latency services and retaining staff through offering a range of entertainment and multi-media services.

Our antenna's are multi-band so no matter where the drilling platform is, the antenna can continue to offer uninterrupted service. Due to the low cost and low profile of our antenna design, multiple antennas can be positioned around the platform to combat blockage and maintain high speed connection regardless of the surrounding activity.

Aeronautical Service Providers

If you are a business aviator, competing for passenger satisfaction relies on the connectivity and entertainment your clients need to be productive, efficient and happy – no matter where or what they fly. The demand for improved in-flight capabilities is increasing rapidly regardless of whether your clients are using their own phone to access in-flight Internet, e-mail, voice, texting, movies, TV episodes, news and weather.

Our antenna design will offer unparalleled user bandwidth with the minimum antenna real-estate. Because our design is adaptable to almost any form factor, antennas can be developed for the leading edge of the wing, the body of the aircraft or tail according to your exact specification. 

Military Service Providers 

Whether your focus is defence, intelligence, border security operations, emergency response or humanitarian aid, government and military customers depend on secure, high-performance, critical communications for mission success.

Our antennas design is conformable to a wide range of discreet uses in a military environment, allowing for an antenna design to provide a low radar profile in aeronautical and maritime deployment and a ruggedised lightweight capability that can be individually carried and rapidly set up.