SATELLITE 2018 High Throughput Terminal Showcase


Join Isotropic Systems at any of these SATELLITE 2018 events to learn more about how our technology and a new class of terminals are set to disrupt the entire industry.


Booth #2018: Aero, Enterprise & Consumer Terminal Showcase
TuesdayThursday, Exhibit Hall, Convention Center  


Luncheon Keynote with Isotropic Systems Founder John Finney
The Four Corners of Innovation — Delivery, Capacity, Efficiency and Distribution — Can Unlock the Growth Potential for High Throughput Satellites
Monday, March 12 at 12pm, Ballroom A, Convention Center


Press Conference: Isotropic Systems and iDirect
Tuesday, March 13 at 10:45am, Press Briefing Room, Convention Center


Mobility Innovation Award Finalist: 'Company to Watch' Selection
Tuesday, March 13 at 12pm, MSUA Luncheon, Room 206, Convention Center


Panel: New Antennas, New Opportunities
Wednesday, March 14 at 1:45pm, Room 201, Convention Center

John Finney