Quika Partners with Isotropic Systems to Develop Self-Installing Terminal to Bring Broadband to Consumers at No Cost

 Isotropic System’s disruptive technology will spur Internet access to close digital divide   

WASHINGTON, D.C., March 13, 2018—Isotropic Systems, the next-generation satellite terminal provider, has formed a strategic partnership with Quika Ltd. to develop self-installing, all electronic scanning terminals for the world’s first entirely free high-speed satellite Internet for consumers. Quika, a high-throughput Ka-band satellite network operator, and Isotropic Systems will jointly develop an ‘out of the box’ consumer web experience that eliminates the need for skilled installation, and allows internet usage to be fully subsidized by advertising. The partnership with Isotropic Systems demonstrates Quika’s understanding that disruptive terminal technology and user economics are paramount for the markets it will serve. 

Isotropic Systems optical technology will enable terminals that meet or exceed traditional very small aperture terminals (VSAT) at one-tenth the cost of current VSAT, making a low-maintenance, self-installing, out of the box experience a reality. Quika and Isotropic Systems will work together to develop terminals specifically tailored to Quika’s requirements to support the fully subsidized service. The core transformational optics technology mitigates several key engineering challenges to deliver seamless auto tracking, unlimited instantaneous bandwidth through true time delay, and a 90% reduction in power consumption over conventional design. Isotropic Systems’ technology automatically tunes the beam-pointing to maintain the precise accuracy over time that is uniquely needed for Ka-band systems to optimize the efficiency of the links in the service provider's network.

“Studies still show that huge number of people do not have access to connectivity, with consulting firm NSR estimating the addressable market at more than 470 million households worldwide,” said John Finney, founder and CEO of Isotropic Systems. “Our unique technical capabilities and disruptive pricing will finally allow satellite communications to unlock the latent demand for HTS capacity for consumer segments that require a significantly low barrier to entry. Having gained the confidence of this unique satellite provider reinforces our vision of satisfying the demand for satellite broadband services by significantly reducing the cost of existing ground terminals to support subsidized models like the one Quika has created.”

“We are very pleased to join with Isotropic Systems to lead our industry in addressing new market opportunities based on this disruptive and innovative technology,” said Alan Afrasiab, founder and chairman of Quika and CEO of Talia Limited. “Quika wants to deliver high-throughput connectivity to serve customers across the developing world where the lack of Internet infrastructure continue to expand the inequalities between regions. Our work with Isotropic Systems and other technology providers will help bridge the digital divide more quickly and increase Internet adoption worldwide.”


About Isotropic Systems

Isotropic Systems is developing the world’s first multi-service, high-bandwidth, low power, fully integrated high throughput terminal designed to support the satellite industry to 'reach beyond' traditional markets and acquire new customers with a full suite of high throughput services. The company’s team of industry experts and scientists has pioneered several firsts in satellite terminal design. For more information visit www.isotropicsystems.com.


About Quika Ltd.

Quika’s mission is to connect the unconnected for free to overcome digital inequality and create a better world to everyone. We passionately believe that the opportunities the Internet provides shouldn’t be limited by geography, culture, wealth or infrastructure and should be available to all.

Quika uses GEO and LEO constellations to provide high-speed, low latency Ka-band Internet using high-throughput satellites. Put simply, by solving the challenges to internet adoption, such as lack of infrastructure and affordability, Quika offers a bright future for those with sub-standard or no access to the internet. For more information visit https://quika.online/.



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