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A New Space Age

Space is revolutionising the way people think about the Earth. New capabilities, rekindled dreams and an atmosphere of entrepreneurialism mean a new wave of terrestrial tech has forged a well-worn path now profitably travelled.

‘Big data’ have transformed the planet into a gigantic set of data that can be both interrogated and extrapolated, transforming the way industries as diverse as farming and insurance operate. Space travel is moving from the world of government procurement and aerospace engineering giants to venture-capital-funded start-ups that rely on ever-cheaper services for ever more customers. As they prove to be profitable they will grow further, and fast.

Yet most of the money being spent in space remains with old government programmes and incumbent telecom providers. We will delve into the financial reality behind the hype: over the next few years where the industry will go, and what’s the real potential and unexpected opportunities for business on earth to move beyond our planet.

The Economist Event's inaugural global Space Summit focuses on the future of human space exploration. It will gather chief executives, thinkers, policymakers and disruptive entrepreneurs from all over the world to debate what technological advances will further progress in space. How can space technology help manage disasters and conflicts? And what future challenges are in store for the exploration of space?

Join us to realise untapped business and economics opportunities within the industry.

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