We innovate to extend the boundaries of global connectivity for our customers


March 8th 2018

Starting today, we are issuing a series of announcements that represent an important step in achieving our mission. We enable satellite operators and service providers alike to 'Reach beyond' traditional boundaries with a new set of 'Terminal economics' and capabilities that pave the way for the impressive delivery of HTS satellite all orbits spanning Aero, Defence, Fixed and Mobile Enterprise markets and global consumer broadband to name a few. 

We believe this industry is not just entering into a transition from one growth profile to another but our combined success in HTS will enable connected individuals and enterprises on a scale that has never been seen before, that legacy of connecting the planet will define our generation. 

Achieving the goal of global connectivity on a massive scale requires innovation in unison with ground, launch and space systems. 

As we move forward into 2018 we are focused on the expansion of the company and the development of formal product lines designed to intercept the burgeoning opportunity for HTS.

We have an enormous amount of work to do but this is a great time to recognize the enormous support we have received from our partners and customers which in turn, give us relentless energy and passion for playing a prominent role in the industry. 



John Finney

Founder and Chief Executive Officer