Passive Microwave Front End Antenna and Circuit Lead


Required experience and qualities

Strong leadership and experience in the innovation, design, simulation, and implementation of microwave planar, printed circuit and waveguide-based antennas primarily as feeds and arrays/subarrays for novel low profile tracking phased array antennas with elements based on microwave lens optics. Strong emphasis on low-cost manufacturing and integration into overall satellite communications terminals in a wide range of environments and applications such as land mobile, aeronautical, maritime, and consumer non-geostationary satellite systems.

The candidate’s background should demonstrate proven experience with innovation, leadership of a skilled technical team and its development to be a leading resource for the design, simulation, modeling, physical prototyping, design for cost, manufacturing and integration into cost-competitive products. Prior work with antennas in a tightly-coupled, broad bandwidth array environment, design by optimization, stringent polarization control, wide range of environments, and design for manufacturability are desirable. 10+ years of industry experience required. Advanced degree desirable.



  • Lead the design, development, and testing of innovative broadband feed antennas potentially including, but not limited to, patches, dielectric resonators, waveguide apertures, tightly-coupled arrays, and slot antennas) for operation in the Ku and Ka satellite uplink and downlink bands.
  • Apply Design for Manufacturability (DFM) and Design for Assembly (DFA) techniques in mechanical designs
  • Apply experience in producing designs in a cost-effective manner to enable the production of highly-manufacturable, cost-effective products ranging from high-end aeronautical terminals to low-cost consumer terminals
  • Perform designs with an understanding to manufacturing in both high-volume low-margin as well as low-volume high-margin situations
  • Cultivate and advance the growth of a talented and effective RF antenna engineering team
  • Present and generate professional reports on results and progress to customers, vendors, investors, and company management.
  • Interact with parallel design teams to jointly optimize overall product performance



  • Relevant engineering degree required
  • Relevant industry experience: 10 years
  • Proficiency with standard EM modeling packages, HFSS in particular
  • Experience with design for manufacturing and assembly in mass market products
  • Familiarity with both mass-market and prototype fabrication options, costs, benefits, and limitations
  • Strong technical leadership experience
  • High written and oral communication skills for internal and external presentations, meetings, and reports
  • Goal- and schedule-focused
  • High performance in a fast-moving startup environment
  • High awareness of cost impact of particular design decisions



An experienced microwave antenna design expert will be the lead engineer in the development of feed elements for a revolutionary low-profile microwave lens-based phased array antenna for a range of applications emphasizing on-the-move and fixed two-way satellite communications (Satcom) with geostationary and non-geostationary satellites as well as 5G applications. The candidate should have a proven track record of antenna design experience at microwave thru Ka-band and above, with initial emphasis on Ku-band and K/Ka-band satellite terminals. These terminals feature low profile apertures with automatic electronic satellite acquisition and tracking with no moving parts, whether on-the-move or stationary installations that can track geostationary or non-geostationary satellites. A distinguishing feature of Isotropic’s antenna terminals, compared for example with conventional phased arrays, is our ability to form simultaneous, independently steerable beams over a wide field of view at a lower cost than phased arrays with many more elements than are required for Isotropic’s antennas..



Of particular importance is candidate’s appreciation of and proven performance history for high-efficiency and cost-conscious microwave antenna design, simulation and testing. The selection of microwave components, materials, and structures that maximize antenna efficiency will be critical to minimize costs for new products that are intended to be low cost disruptors into the Satcom markets.

While our technology incorporates an array of microwave feed antennas, it is excited differently from a phased array for beam tracking. Candidate should have a good understanding of the benefits and detriments of the various microwave antenna geometries, as well as how the behavior of the elements changes when operated in an array environment. Experience and exposure in the design of the feed network and active circuitry for a multielement terminal is also desirable. Experience in modeling antennas and circuit layouts including tolerance information and transitioning the designs to PCB or waveguide implementations is highly important. Knowledge and experience with multi-beam feed arrays (e.g. for reflectors) is useful insofar as similar techniques could be used for the focal region of a microwave lens aperture.


Education and Qualifications

Candidate must have a BS level degree with advanced degree preferred and at least 10 years’ experience in related activities. The candidate must have performed well in a team leadership role, as a technical lead or project lead for developing cost-effective, manufacturable antenna designs.


Key Duties and Responsibilities

Successful candidate will lead and build a team of engineers to develop, refine, prototype, and push to mass production new microwave feed antennas using computational modeling and prototypes to verify performance and operation, including following through to product breadboarding, prototyping, testing, and manufacturing. Capabilities for design to cost and design for manufacturability are critical. The successful candidate will join a company that intends be a disruptive entry into the Satcom terminals market and affords substantial professional and technical growth opportunities.

Job Details:

  • Type: Full-time
  • Location: Linthicum, MD
  • Number: ENG003b
John Finney