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We are an exciting new entrant to the Satellite Flat Panel Antenna (FPA) Market with a highly disruptive approach. We are are fully funded to meet our upcoming development milestones and are now entering an exciting growth phase as a cutting edge technology start-up. Now opening up one of two research and development offices on the East Coast (State College, PA and Washington DC), this is a fantastic opportunity to join a very innovative and talented team determined to succeed. As a member of the early start-up team, we offer the right candidate huge potential to develop your career as we continue to expand and grow, and a great stock option package. If you have a genuine passion for creating new frontiers then Isotropic is a great company for you.

Senior Microwave Antenna Feed Network Architect/Designer Team Leader

Job Type: Full-time

Job Location: State College, PA or Washington DC

Required experience: Development of microwave circuitry and antennas: 5 years

Technical leadership in the design, development, and testing of multiple-beam feed networks for a new class of low-profile microwave lens antennas. 


An experienced microwave circuits and antenna feed design expert will be the lead engineer in designing and implementing new multiple-beam feed networks for a revolutionary low profile microwave lens antenna for a range of applications emphasizing geostationary and non-geostationary two-way (simultaneous transmit and receive) satellite communications (Satcom) and 5G. The candidate should have a proven track record of microwave antenna and circuit design experience at microwave thru Ka-band and above, with initial emphasis on Ku-band and K/Ka-band satellite terminals. These terminals feature low profile apertures with automatic satellite acquisition and tracking, having no moving parts, whether on-the-move or stationary installations, for example, tracking non-geostationary satellites. A distinguishing feature of these terminals, compared for example with phased arrays, is their ability to form simultaneous, independently steerable/pointable beams over the typically wide field of view required for each application without the attendant high cost of phased arrays that would require multiple separate beam forming networks for each beam.


Of particular importance is candidate’s appreciation of and proven performance history for high-efficiency and cost-conscious microwave circuit design. The selection of microwave components that maximize antenna feed network efficiency and provide the multiple-beam coverage over wide fields of view while minimizing costs for new products that are intended to be low cost disruptors into the Satcom markets is critically important.

Candidate should have a good understanding of feed antennas, including printed circuit and waveguide implementations, as well as beam-forming networks, passive, and integrated components, both analog and digital. Knowledge and experience with multi-beam feed arrays (e.g. for reflectors) is useful insofar as similar techniques could be used for the focal region of a microwave lens aperture.

Education and Qualifications

Candidate must have a BS level degree with advanced degree preferred and at least 5 years experience in related activities.

Key Duties and Responsibilities

Successful candidate will lead a team of engineers to design, simulate, build and test breadboards and prototypes, including following through to product manufacturing. Capabilities for design to cost and design for manufacturability are critical. The successful candidate will join a company that intends be a disruptive entry into the Satcom terminals market and affords substantial professional and technical growth opportunities.


Electromagnetic's, Antenna, and Optical Design Engineer

Job Summary

Job Type: Full-time

Job Location: State College, PA

Required experience: Microwave circuit and antenna modeling and design

Design, modeling, and optimization of aperture antennas from 5-40 GHz



We are seeking an experienced Antenna Engineer or Optical Engineer for a full-time design and modeling position. The position will have a heavy focus on computational modeling and optimization of electromagnetic and antenna devices. In particular, we are looking to add to our design team for 5-40 GHz aperture antennas. We specialize in optimization-driven design using computational solvers in optics and electromagnetics.

Experience in computational simulation-based antenna design, together with limited programming experience (Matlab or Python) would make for a very compelling candidate for this position. Independent, self-driven work ethic and good team skills are desirable. High verbal and written communication skills are required. We would prefer on-site, but remote working situations may be negotiable. Some travel to customer sites is possible.


Experience in designing antennas for microwave applications, in particular planar antennas, is required. The successful candidate will be expected to have experience and familiarity with designing microwave structures using automated optimization engines and a variety of computational solvers.

Additional desirable experience includes:

  • Computational electromagnetics software tool development
  •  Optical design, modeling, and analysis
  • Feed network design and prototyping
  • Microstrip antenna design and prototyping
  • Hands-on experience with one or more engineering programming languages (Matlab/Octave/Scilab preferable, Python)
  • Familiarity with Linux

Education and Qualifications

Candidate must have a BS-level degree in a related field. An advanced degree is welcome, but not required.

Key Duties and Responsibilities

  • Participate in the entire lifecycle of an antenna design, from concept and requirements through design, prototyping, and design for manufacturing.
  • Clearly communicate results of tests and experiments.
  • Research and develop new antenna and feed architectures to meet project requirements.
  • Work with a fast-moving goal-oriented team to rapidly develop new design concepts.
  • Communicate effectively with customers relating to design and commercialization factors.

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