Enabling High Throughput Satellites to deliver mass-market applications

Isotropic Systems' range of terminals are modular, conformal, multi-beam, and enabled for market-specific requirements including price.  


53% of the global population is still unconnected, of which 75% come from only 20 countries, all of which are emerging markets. This presents an enormous revenue opportunity if the economic model can be met; in the terminal space, this requires a terminal capable of tracking and self-installing at price points that match the expectations of consumers in emerging markets. 

Our terminals meet the special requirements of consumer broadband by offering functionality that is tailored to GEO and NGSO operators to offer a fully-integrated experience at consumer-level pricing. This will allow satellite operators to access markets currently inaccessible due to terminal economics.




Passenger experience relies on connectivity and entertainment for customers who want to be productive, efficient and happy – no matter where or how they fly. Demand for improved in-flight capabilities is increasing rapidly to access Internet, e-mail, voice, text, movies, TV, news and weather.  Our terminals are conformal, allowing for high gain and extreme scan angles which overcome the signal degradation normally associated with existing solutions. 


Buses & Coaches

Land transport passenger services present a significant opportunity for service providers to offer internet access services to augment terrestrial connectivity and provide a seamless, high-bandwidth experience. Our terminal pricing will allow service providers to reach beyond and create opportunities in markets where the business case could not previously be made.  


Commercial Maritime

Whether you are serving cruise ships, ferries, freighters, fishing vessels or private yachts, the passengers and crew desire the same network performance powering their devices as they have on shore. 

Our terminals reach beyond to smaller maritime satellite communications markets that are highly price sensitive.  Similarly, enterprise customers operating from a drilling rig, support vessel, marine platform, drilling rig, FPSO or remote shore-based facility demand high bandwidth and low latency for operationally efficiency.


River Ferries

Passengers and crew want the same network performance for personal devices on and offshore, whether you are serving cruise ships, ferries, freighters, fishing vessels or private yachts. Yet the high cost of terminal technology today makes it challenging or even impossible to provide your mobility services to smaller vessels.

Our antenna designs deliver the throughput required to meet the expectations of your maritime customers at a fraction of the cost of alternative solutions.


Mobile Backhaul

The Isotropic Systems terminal will fully enable delivery of mobile data backhaul speeds on next-generation HTS platforms at a cost that closes the satellite backhaul business case.  

Consuming less power than equivalent phased-array antenna technology, our terminal supports use of renewable energy systems, and reduces the drain on batteries and generators when grid power is costly, lost, irregular, or unreliable.



Isotropic Systems’ next-generation high throughput terminal solution and enabling economics will unlock HTS mobility to open new markets. Our multi-beam terminals are capable of maintaining high-speed connectivity along long passenger rail routes through remote locations with limited or nonexistent terrestrial coverage at a fraction of the cost of other alternatives.