We are developing the world's most spectrally efficient, low-profile, conformal, multi-band, electronically steered Satellite Antenna


A major scientific breakthrough and an innovative approach to the design and construction of antennas offers you faster returns on bandwidth, access to a much larger customer base, increased profits and market share. 

What makes Isotropic different? 

We approach antenna design around your business case. Our design philosophy focuses on the bandwidth efficiency you need for the long term - as a result of the antenna you own. 

Our antennas will use surface level materials with virtually no losses. This resulting breakthrough in spectral efficiency using low-cost materials will reduce both capital and operational expenses and allow you to access significantly more customers for the first time.

All this, but with an antenna that can be ‘shaped’ to conform to almost any form factor, offer superior scalability and durability and yet; conform to the key functionality required in terms of side-lobes, tracking fidelity and multi-beam capabilities.

Our bold aim, is to change the rules of Antenna theory, design, cost and performance to expand market access for the global the satellite industry.